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This course is about the art and science of influence in organizations. While many people are ambivalent, even disdainful, of those who wield power and influence at work, organizations are fundamentally political entities, and power and influence are key mechanisms by which things get done. Without political capital your ideas will too often fail to be recognized or implemented and your career progression will be more challenging and potentially limited. All aspiring leaders therefore stand to benefit from developing greater political acumen.

This course aims to enhance your political intelligence and interpersonal influence through building your knowledge base and equipping you with an expert toolkit to become a more astute manager and successful leader without sacrificing your authenticity. After taking this course, you will be able to: (1) diagnose the sources and distribution of power in organizations, (2) formulate strategies for building your own sources of power, (3) understand your own natural influence style, and sharpen your ability to interact and communicate with others in ways that make you more influential, (4) apply the principles of power and influence in groups and organizations, and (5) anticipate and guard against the pitfalls of power including ethical lapses and the loss of power.

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A zoom link will be sent out 48 hours in advance to those registered.

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