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Technical Issues FAQ

This FAQ is designed to offer assistance for technical issues. For processing issues, please contact your application reviewer.

Emails sent from our website may be blocked by spam filters, especially by corporate email servers.

Contact the Admissions office if our system generated emails cannot reach you or if you need to change your registered email address.

For your recommenders' email addresses (if required by your application), it is recommended to ensure successful delivery with your recommender.
If your recommender cannot receive our emails, please submit a request to the Admissions office to change their email address. The system will send a new recommendation request to the address provided.

  • Resetting Your Password

    Our system generated emails do not necessarily reach you in the order they are sent.
    For that reason, please make sure you have received your new password before requesting another password reset. Please be sure to check your spam folder. If you do not receive your password reset email, please contact the Admissions office

  • Username

    If you have forgotten your Username, please contact the Admissions office.

File uploads may fail if the file is too large or your internet connection is unstable.
Please try again, making sure you are using a stable internet connection and the file you are trying to upload is not unnecessarily large.
Please contact the Admissions office if you still cannot upload your file after retrying several times.
Payment requests may fail for a number of reasons.
If our payment processor received your request but could not process it, an error code and message is displayed to help you resolve the issue.
Below are the most common issues you may encounter.
  • Incorrect Credit Card Information

    Submit the form again, making sure your credit card information is correct.

  • Your Credit Card has Restrictions on Global Payments

    You may have a hold on international payments if your bank is not based in the United States.
    Call your customer service to ask your bank to lift the hold.

  • Request Timeout

    Another common issue for international applicants is request timeout.
    Your payment request takes to long to reach our payment processor's servers and is dropped.
    Your credit card is not charged, you may retry from a more stable and fast internet connection at any time.

The website performs checks to ensure only authorized users may provide information.
If you have been sent an email containing a link to a form on this website, you were authorized to fill that form at that moment in time.
However, in the time that elapses before you read your email and visit the link, you may lose your authorization.
For instance, applicants may cancel their application. They may not reach their application form and their recommenders may not reach their recommendation forms.
If you believe you should have authorization to access the form, please contact the relevant Admissions office.
If the wrong application appears on your account, please contact the Admissions office.